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AJ Consultants is a leading executive search firm. We have the data, experience and proven success rate to back this up. We have achieved and more importantly sustained our success by aligning ourselves with the top talent in the industry. Our team has helped De novo’s become top players in their geographic and worldwide leaders reach new heights.

We do not actively associate ourselves with individuals looking to make just another jump, but instead we associate ourselves with top performers that trust our experience and market knowledge. Individuals that aren’t typically actively looking. Individuals that won’t make the move for just any opportunity, but instead want to consider the right opportunity. When our clients have a need we have already laid the groundwork to know, understand and appreciate who fits not just the role, but the company and team too.


With AJ Consultants you are getting a partner that understands your needs, because...


While finding candidates a better opportunity is many times the end game, much of the...


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Leadership Team


  • Terry "I have known and worked with John Morris for almost ten years, not only has John placed me at three separate stellar financial institutions, but he has also been a great resource to assist... Learn More »

  • SVP “Over the years BJ Berrettini has helped us fill a number of important roles at Avidia Bank. He has earned the respect of my first call should we need to use outside resources in our... Learn More »

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