Our Company

AJ Consultants is a leading industry focused executive search firm. Each group has always focused in a specific vertical and geography . Our leadership team alone represents 6+ decades of experience. We have achieved and more importantly sustained our success by aligning ourselves with the top talent in the industry. Our firm has helped startup institutions become top players in their geographic and worldwide leaders reach new heights. Area’s of focus include Banking, Accounting and Finance and Engineering.

We do not actively associate ourselves with individuals looking to make just another jump, but instead we associate ourselves with top performers that trust our experience and market knowledge. Individuals that aren’t typically actively looking. Individuals that won’t make the move for just any opportunity, but instead want to consider the right opportunity. When our clients have a need we have already laid the groundwork to know, understand and appreciate who fits not just the role, but the company and team too.

Guiding Principles:


Clients should understand we work with them to achieve goals, create solutions and improve the very fabric of their institution. We create valued relationships to build meaningful partnerships. This gives us the ability achieve our most vital goal; To improve the industry through superior talent placement.


Given the nature of this business we are privy to information. Be it a candidate’s interest, a companies’ next big move or good old -fashioned market intelligence, we handle information with care and discretion. A partnership will not thrive without trust. A key facet to the trust AJ Consultants has earned is confidentiality.


By building valued partnerships, earning trust and banking on character, AJ Consultants exudes the value in its integrity.


Our firm focuses solely within one industry. Our people focus in specific geographic areas. Our leadership team alone represents over 5 decades of industry specific recruiting experience. These factors combined with our focus, knowledge and proven results form our unrivaled expertise.


Our principled approach, unrivaled expertise and complete grasp on the industry provide us with useful and actionable knowledge/wisdom.