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About AJ Consultants LLC


With AJ Consultants you are getting a partner that understands your needs, because we understand your industry, geographic market and competitors like no one else. We don’t make it our business to simply know our clients and the select few that may be right for our openings. We make it our business to know to everyone and everything in our space. This is how the foundation for your success and our search is laid. We do this day after day, year after year. We form partnerships that will help create a successful match between you and your next hire. Be it at the branch level right up through the CEO.

We realize that when some clients work with us they may be making an exception to their typical process to obtain their objective. If the objective is to get the best possible talent to help shape the direction, face and success of your team, then we are part of the solution. Our experience and proven, tracked success demonstrates this.