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About AJ Consultants LLC

Search Process

When choosing a search firm, it’s important that their process be transparent. After all, it’s not magic. It is a process of steps, faithfully and intricately followed that lead to the desired result. From a unique understanding of the need, to detailed research and in-depth market knowledge, AJ Consultants does more than just scan the internet or database. After all, we aren’t searching for your next employee. We are looking for a difference maker for your team.

We have a holistic, disciplined, and most importantly proven approach that we apply to our search process. This approach gives us a keen understanding of your unique needs and just as importantly complete access to present those needs to the ideal individuals.

This approach doesn’t simply involve putting qualified candidates in front of you. That is just one piece to the puzzle. We handle each step of the process. Candidate qualification through placement.  From reference checks, to resignation, right into a successful transition period.

For a much more detailed breakdown of our process, please be sure to visit the Request Information section of the site.